1. Accommodation of Guests in the RYZLINK HOTEL, at the address Zlámalova ul. Mikulov, operated by Vinařství Fučík s.r.o., IČ 01568060, registered office at Purkyňova 74/2, Nové Město, 110 00 Prague 1 (hereinafter the "Hotel") is carried out on the basis of Accommodation contract concluded in accordance with the provisions of § 2326 et seq. of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code, on the basis of which the Hotel provides the Customer (hereinafter "Guest") with a temporary accommodation for the agreed period of time and the Guest undertakes to pay the Hotel for this stay and associated services within the period specified in the Accommodation contract, the General Terms and Conditions or these Accommodation Rules.

2. The Hotel guarantees the provision of quality accommodation services to all Guests. To allow this, please undertake and respect these rules and regulations.

3. Upon arrival, Guests are required to present a valid photo ID. Following the check of such proof of identity and completion of the registration form, the Guest is registered and checked in. The Guest is provided with a room key. The Guest is obliged to prevent the loss, destruction, and damage to this key, and is obliged to return this key to the reception upon check out. In the event of damage or loss of the key, the Hotel has the right to compensation in the amount of 500 CZK. The Hotel reserves the right to refuse accommodation to the Guest, regardless of the Guest´s valid booking, should the Guest's behavior conflict with good manners, or if the Guest is under the influence of alcohol or psychotropic substances, or if the Guest, his clothes, or luggage are excessively soiled.

4. All Hotel spaces, except for those designated for this purpose, are strictly non-smoking. In the event of violation of this rule, the Hotel has the right to charge the Guest for damage (threat to fire safety, the need for deep cleaning of the premises, etc.).

​5. The number of people in the room must correspond to the number of people registered for accommodation. The Guest undertakes to announce the exact number of Guests when entering the Accommodation contract. Guests must not allow other people to stay in the room without the Hotel's consent.

​6. Upon the Guest´s request, the Hotel may store in its safe Guest´s money, jewelry, or other valuables, unless these are dangerous or disproportionate in value or scope to the accommodation. The Hotel is not responsible for the loss of, or damage to, valuables and belongings left in the room or in the Hotel.

​7. Accommodation in the building and the use of its facilities is allowed only to persons who do not suffer from an infectious disease.

​8. The Hotel reception is open from 08:00 to 20:00. If the Guest intends to check out before 08:00, he must notify the Hotel and pay all debts to the Hotel no later than the day before departure. If the Guest intends to check in after 20:00, he must notify the Hotel at least one day prior to scheduled day of arrival and agree with the Hotel to hand over the room keys.

​9. The Guest is entitled to ask the Hotel to extend his stay. If the Guest´s room is already booked for another Guest and another room is available, the Hotel will offer it to the Guest. If no other room is available, the Hotel will not be able to extend the Guest's stay.

​10. Check in starts at 15:00 and check out is until 11:00. The Guest is obliged to vacate the room no later than 11.00 am. If the Guest does not vacate the room by 11:00 am and his room is booked for another Guest, the Guest will be asked to leave the room. If he does not do so immediately, the Hotel reserves the right to deny the guest further access to the room and move his belongings out of the room. The room is considered vacated the moment the Guest clears all his belongings from the room, hands over the room key at the reception and pays all his dues. The Hotel reserves the right to check the inventory of the room (furniture, appliances, wine shelf, lost and found) even after the room has been vacated.

​11. If the Guest requests early check-in (before 15:00), and the Hotel (with regards to the Hotel occupancy), agrees with the early check-in, the Guest is obliged to pay 200 CZK per each hour of extended stay. If the Guest requests a late checkout (after 11:00 am), and his room is not reserved for another Guest, the Guest is obliged to pay the hotel 200 CZK per each hour of extended stay.

​12. The Guest is allowed to park one vehicle per room free of charge in the designated area. However, the Hotel does not operate a guarded car park and therefore does not assume any responsibility or liability for any damage caused to the vehicle or its interior, including personal belongings left in the vehicle. The Hotel advises Guests to ensure that the vehicle is properly locked and secured. The Hotel is not responsible and liable for third party damages caused by the Guest in the Hotel car parks.

​13. Alcohol consumption on the Hotel premises is only allowed to those over the age of 18, and such drinks must be solely and exclusively from the Hotel's drinks menu or wine list.

​14. The Hotel serves breakfast between 08:00 and 10:00. If the Guest fails to arrive for breakfast at that time, the Guest´s entitlement to this breakfast expires.

​15. The Guest is not allowed to move equipment and furniture in or out of the room or make any other changes or modifications in the room.

​16. For safety reasons, the Guest is, in the room, only allowed to use such electrical appliances which are meant for his personal hygiene (eg., razor, toothbrush, etc.). The Guest is also allowed to use low-power electrical appliances such as laptops, chargers for cameras, mobile phones, etc. It is forbidden to use electric kettles, various water heaters, irons, etc., except those the room is equipped with, or which have been provided to the Guest by the Hotel.

​17. If urgent repairs or maintenance must be made to the room or its accessories during the Guest´s stay, and such repairs or maintenance cannot be postponed until after the Guest´s checkout, the Guest must accept and tolerate such activity even if it causes difficulties or limits the use of the room. If such maintenance renders the room unusable, the Guest has the right to another room if available, or can terminate his stay without notice.

18. Our hotel is dog friendly. Notwithstanding, dogs can only be accommodated with the consent of the Hotel and provided that:

a) dog can only be accommodated in “Classic” or “Exclusive” rooms;
b) only small breeds of dogs can be accommodated;
c) the dog must not be walked on the hotel premises;

d) the dog must be kept on a leash at all times when in the hotel area;
e) the dog must not rest / lie on a bed or other device used for Guests´ rest;
f) the dog must not be left alone in the room and unattended.

The dog's owner is fully responsible for the dog. In case of dog noise or damage to the Hotel, the Hotel reserves the right to terminate the Accommodation contract with immediate effect and without compensation. Other pets cannot be accommodated.

​19. Guests can connect their electronic devices to the Hotel network via Wi-Fi in the rooms and public areas of the Hotel. The Guest must not use the Hotel network for illegal activities and must not attack or otherwise change the security measures of the Hotel network. The Hotel does not accept any liability for damage to the Guest's computer. The Hotel recommends using Guest´s own firewall to access the Internet.

​20. Quiet hours are in effect from 22:00 to 07:00. The Guest is obliged to observe these.

​21. At the end of the stay, the Guest is obliged to pay all his dues at the Hotel reception upon checkout. Guest´s personal belongings left behind in the Hotel will be sent to the Guest upon his written request, by cash on delivery, and at the Guest´s own expense.

​22. The Guest is not allowed, without the express permission or consent of the Hotel, to:

-remove any equipment and/or furniture from the rooms, 

-carry weapons, ammunition and explosives on the hotel premises or otherwise store them in a condition allowing their immediate use; hold, manufacture or store narcotic or psychotropic substances or poisons, unless they are medicines prescribed for the Guest´s use by the doctor.

We are very pleased that you have chosen our Hotel and we wish you a pleasant stay!


Vinařství Fučík, s.r.o.
IČ 01568060
Company registered office: Purkyňova 74/2, Nové Město, 110 00 Praha 1
The Hotel address: Zlámalova ul., Mikulov 692 01

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