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Our vineyards

All our vineyards are located within Mikulov borders, therefore we can truthfully state that we are Mikulov winery. Our grapes and wine arise form Mikulov. Furthermore I can claim that our vineyards are located on the most beautiful places in Mikulov (see the pictures below),  places with breathtaking sights, so even work on our vineyards is more joyful. We hope that this joy you can find in our wines!


Vineyard "Za Turdolem"

This wineyard is located at the foothill of Turold in Mikulov. I dare to say that this track is the most beautiful in entire Mikulov, the sights over Mikulov and "Saint Hill" are truly breathtaking. In 2017 we have planted Ryzlink vlassky and Veltlinske zelene here.


Vineyard "Turdol"

This vineyard is just under the Turdol hilltop (with 385 meters above sea level) in Mikulov and is the vineyard with the highest altitude in Mikulov. The trees above the vineyard are the nest of great owl, the best guardian against starlings and for that reason you will not see a single starling here even without any scarcrows.In the grass you may even find very rare mantis.


Vineyard "Punder Saint Hill"

The Saint Hill is a landmark of Mikulov, reaching altitude of 363 meters. On its top is a bellfry a chapel of St Sebastian and behind it a smaller chapel of St Rosalie and a chapel of St Barbara. On this vineyard our very special Ryzlink vlassky grows, This vineyard belongs to the family of our enolog, Mr Svoboda.


Vineyard "Sibenicni Vrch"

The Gallows Hill is a rocky elevation of 238 meters above the seal level and is located in the southern part of Mikulov, at the borders with Austria.An interesting details, next to this vineyard is a monument, dedicated to fallen soldiers of Napoleon. This vineyard belongs to the family of our enolog, Mr Svoboda.


Vineyard "Mariansky kopec"

It is also called Janic Hill and it used to be 322 meters above the seal level. Due to limestone mining the hill was "extracted" to the level of 249 meters above the sea level and the quarry is now flooded with water. Our vineyard ends at the border of the quarry at 15 meters above the water level.


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