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Phylosophy of work on vineyard

Our approach to the vineyards comes from detailed knowledge of the soil profiles in each track. Based on the soil analysis we plant vineyards in selected clones, so that the results are distictive wine of high quality, in which you will find the terroir, in which the grapes are born.

Our goal is to produce grapes that will allow us to create great wines, thanks to very disctinct acidity and specific mineral composition.

We establish the vineyards in an intense rate, so that we can grow grapes in continual quality and yeald only with difference of the effect of the particular vintage.

Vineyards are grown in Rhyne-Hessen shape and are trimmed in autum to a single branch. The yeald of our vineyards is in the long run between 0,7 to 1 litre of wine per each bush in the late harvest quality.

Our vineyards are, since beginning, in integrated production with the use of bio products, some selected tracks are passing into bio economy. We do not use herbicides and tracks have permanent grass over.


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