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Fučík Winery

Fucik Winery is a family winery from Mikulov. Agri- and viticultular tradition of Fucik family dates back to 19th Century and has always been chracterised with production of the best wine. Our winery produces natural and original wines of highest quality, identified by terroir in wchich the grapes grow. We do not want to make different wines and we will not. Quality of wine if our upmost priority and we prefer that before quantity.

Our philosophy can be summarized into four points:

1) Healthy and ripe grapes from Mikulov

We are Mikulov winery and our white grapes are form Mikulov only. We care for our vineyards and select the grapes from which we create our wines. Grapes are the foundation and we nurse them. Even from good grapes you can make bad wine, but from poor quality grapes you just cannot make great wine.

2) Wine made without chemicals

We do not use additives or unnatural substances. We use sulfur only when absolutely necessary and wine matures practically without sulfur. You will not get a headache from our wine.

3) We make our wine with minimal human touch

We let the nature to do the most. After first spin we practically do not touch wine and leave it on soft sediment with occassional stirring (batonage method)

4) We do not rush the wine.

Great wine cannot be rushed. To obtain the characters we want from it, needs time. That is why we do not rush and our great wines do nto reach our customers by St Martin's, but no sooner than 9 months after the grape harvest, often even later.


Zlámalova 1809/2, Mikulov, 692 01
IČ: 01568060
DIČ: CZ01568060

+420 770 135 094


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